Sunday, June 23, 2013

CHANGE: The Final Frontier

STAR TREK insisted that "space" is the final frontier and perhaps it is of the external.  But of the internal, "CHANGE" is the final frontier; it engenders so much potential but, at the same time, so much pain and anxiety.  

The way a given population adapts to change has been documented scientifically using a bell curve:  eager beavers, early adapters, kickers & screamers, never evers.  It doesn't matter where you fall on the curve, change is inevitable.  It's processes were at work before you were born and will persevere long after your demise.  So given the universality of change, why haven't humans assimilated it and embraced it over the millennia?  Why does it instill so much emotion?

My answer is because WE instill so much importance in our "normal", our point of stasis.  We work to achieve a comfortable balance in our lives of work, home, family, friends, wealth, security, comfort.  In my opinion, we fool ourselves into thinking that our individual point of "balance" represents permanence.  Permanence as in immortality.  Crazy isn't it?  For all of our work, expense, fretting and angst, it really is just a house of cards.  We spend our existence fighting to deny our mortality.  When my Dad was at the height of his illness, he wanted so badly to plant and tend a vegetable garden.  I remember thinkinig, "how can he die with a garden to tend?"

After all, death is the ultimate change.

Of all the things that affect our brief existence, change is one of the few of any permanence.  Stop fighting it!  "Resistance is futile."

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