Monday, July 8, 2013

Someday soon...

I'll get back to regularly posting on this blog!  Right now, other issues have my attention...


Issues don't arrive "BIG".  They just "show up" and we choose to make them big...or small.  Which way we go with them depends a lot on how we see ourselves.  Things that we think make us important, we make big.

And that's where all the trouble starts...

In the meantime, focus on a remarkable outcome brought about by some genuine, certifiable 21st century heroes.  There are 4 of the 12 Flight Attendants of Asiana 214 that crash-landed in San Francisco this past weekend in this photograph.  The lady on the far left is Ji-Youn KIM, the dimunitive woman who passenger Edward Rah described as carrying injured passengers "piggyback" out of the aircraft just before it burst into flames; all the while, tears streaming down her face.  I find the photo of her, in particular, to be very evocative; her face, her hands, her uniform almost perfect except for her lack of shoes.

I can only hope to be as brave and capable as this crew proved to be, should the need ever arise (God forbid!).

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  1. I still can't believe that landing and almost everyone making it out alive!
    The crew was remarkable and there was little acknowledgement of them on the news.
    Do they think that you are there just to serve them?
    I pray that never happens to any of you but if so I know that you will all come out remarkable.


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