Thursday, January 30, 2014

If I Were King

"If I were king", 

I would immediately offer the sCM contract (amendable in DEC 2014) up for a membership vote as our de facto "joint contract". 

My assumptions are: 

1. The company will accept it (because it already has) 

2. The sCM contract is more lucrative than sCO (pay rates are identical but sCM was able to negotiate the return of certain "soft-time" benefits that were forfeited post-9/11 that sCO did not get, so the contract is an improvement for sCO voters)

3. sUA constituents are chanting "contract now" all over social media (perhaps they are amenable now to a common platform from which to move forward)

4. Such a move would eliminate the source of much of the inter-subsidiary rancor (i.e. the posturing MECPs, of which Suzanne Hendricks is NOTABLY not one)

5. It would allow an immediate combination of work groups (integrated seniority list which eliminates the "seasonal overage bloodbath" that we've been encountering on the sUA side)

6. It would allow immediate negotiations for improvements in view of the end-of-year amendable date of the current agreement to which ALL parties could contribute

7. Immediate election of a joint MECP (isn't a BIG AFA election season just around the corner?) to oversee our integration (I know who I would nominate!)

8. Such an agreement is likely to pass on the 1st vote because the only group not getting an improvement is the one whose voting membership is a statistical insignificance (regrettably). HOWEVER, if passed, the sCM contingency could look forward to near-immediate improvements as a result of the negotiation arising from the current contract's amendable date.

It's GOOD to be king!

CMI F/A Contract

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