Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Work in Progress...

There's no denying that the past day or so have been a little "glum". When events and circumstances change that fundamentally alter the way you see your world, it's like a computer reboot: it takes some time to "come back up". But while change is one of life's more pervasive forces, it usually brings with it new opportunity.

As if to reinforce that concept, when I woke from 8+ hours of sleep (the kind that you get from borderline clinical exhaustion), I parted the curtains to reveal a brilliant, clear and sunny Brazilian sky. The morning is figuratively calling me to come out and play. And I will.

The compassionate side of me shares the sorrow and disappointments of far away friends, family and fellow citizens-of-the-world but I live in the here and now. My opportunity this morning is to enjoy the warmth of the Sun, the ocean breeze carrying the signature smell of the sea, the delights of people at play on a Brazilian beach, free from the obligations of the work week.

My Sunday devotional? To make the most of the opportunities that God has placed in my path, to revel in the beauty of His creation and to fulfill my own destiny by and while helping others however I can. The goal is to be the best possible iteration of myself.

It's a work in progress...

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