Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How Much Should One Pay for 10,000+ Photos?

The dreaded visit to THE GEEK SQUAD...

I knew the hard drive on my SONY VAIO notebook was failing. That's why I replaced that computer with a large, inexpensive Windows 8 HP notebook before it was too late. I dutifully transferred my backed up data files then transferred my 10,000+ photos (many laboriously digitally acquired via flatbed scanner).  I did it all just in time!

Or so I thought. The photos didn't transfer. The drive died at the next power up. SONY charged $50, all the while assuring me, "we can solve your problem."  (Which they did if my problem was having $50 too much money!)

So, here I am with lil Honey, the Best Buy Geek, my Hail Mary pass. 

I've just been informed that the files "won't populate" (a $99.99 fix for media backup), so the drive must be "sent off" for data recovery:  minimum charge $500 for level 1 and over $1000 for level 3. 

My choice?  

Level "0" for $0.00!

I shake lil Homey's hand, thank him for trying, tuck my tail between my legs and slink away. 

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  1. Try looking on Craiglist or Facebook for someone who knows how to do this. You should have some photos on your phone. Maybe we need to get hard copies made of photos from Walgreens. Can you choose which photos for the different levels? Our photos are the most precious memories in our golden years,Can you save the tech part and do it later, put it on a credit card, pick up a trip? This is just to sad, and I may be in the same boat because my computer just died too. I bet you can find someone to do it for less. Never give up, never, never, never!


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