Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I needed 3 cups of firm, tart apples for a cake recipe that I haven't tasted in over 40 years. I stopped into the nearest market to pick some up. The market just happened to be a "cost plus" wholesaler. 

I collected my 3lb bag of "Granny Smiths" and queued at the customer service counter behind 1 other patron to pay. I couldn't help but hear the conversation between the patron and staff member.  It was clear that neither was enjoying what most of us would describe as prosperity in their lives. "My man and all my kids are with me. My place is decorated from bottom to top. Of course, I couldn't afford to do much but my mom is helping out", said the staffer. 

The patron matched her, "I'm just so lucky that my mom is still with us now. We didn't expect her to be."

In spite of the difficulties and obstacles that both faced 2 days before Christmas, I could best describe them as ebullient, full of the joy of the season. "My best wishes for a Merry Christmas!" And "please remember me to your mom" were how they parted. 

When I stepped to the counter, I was greeted with the same warmth and familiarity, as was the patron who followed me, I noticed. 

Having just yesterday left The Woodlands, TX for the drive down, I couldn't help but recall how sterile it felt when I ventured out there to shop last week, how cold. If ever a place could be associated with prosperity and success, The Woodlands could.  

It's not how much you have. It's what you make of what you've got; appreciation. 

What a special little place this is!

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