Monday, March 30, 2015

My Responsibility

Many things are occurring in "our world" (aviation) to remind us where our own, personal responsibilities lie.
I am not responsible for an unstable pilot who ends scores of lives, along with his own, in an unprecedented event. I am not responsible for a rolling mechanical delay, inconveniencing customers and colleagues in many departments. I am not responsible for corporate decisions which result in changes that many find unsavory. I am not responsible for conflict arising from the diametric opposition of two workgroups tasked with the same job. I am not responsible for an inflight medical emergency which results in the loss of a life onboard anymore than one that results in the birth of a new life onboard. No. Though others, often many, will point an accusing finger in my direction, I am not responsible for circumstance.
My responsibility, my reputation, my ultimate credibility lie in my response to these circumstances. Over that, I have total control.
Now, breathe...

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  1. You live in a brave new world. Your responsibility, your reputation, your ultimate credibility lie in your response to this circumstance. "Striving to be happy" should not be more important than striving to be holy. - Pearrrrrr


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