Thursday, January 7, 2016


I am 55 years old. 

I took "time off" during the holidays from my regular physical fitness routine as I do most years. This year, the difference I felt in my body after the off period was remarkable:  stiff, tight, achiness resulting from little or no exertion. I returned to activity with a beginner yoga class on Sunday.  It hurt; in a good/positive way. It was exactly what my aging body needed. 

The next day, a substitute instructor for my regular step class did a more "athletic conditioning" routine:  ballistic moves, intervals, very fast-paced. It hurt; in a good/positive way.  It was exactly what my aging body needed. 

Tomorrow, I return to my routine step with resistance class. I know that it will hurt; in a good/positive way. 

The body is a mechanical vessel for the spirit. It needs routine maintenance.  Occasionally, it needs a challenge. 

Hurt isn't always a bad thing. 

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