Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Unanswered Prayers

When we received the text from our son, Joaquin, a few weeks ago, Philip and I didn't quite know what to make of it.  He wants to be a Flight Attendant?  a Flight Attendant for our airline-employer?


For several years now, Joaquin has been building his life in sunny southern California, working in real estate.  He just earned his real estate license and is the Transaction Coordinator at a well-known brokerage in Los Angeles.  He’s been making steady advances, earned well-deserved recognition and seems as content as we’ve ever seen him since he arrived there.  “Restless”, while it applies to many a young adult seems particularly appropriate for our favorite young man.

But we learned long ago to allow nature to take its course where Joaquin is concerned.  Rather than questioning this new direction, Philip took the lead and I followed in asking how we might support him on the venture.  We provided internal referrals, of course, and placed letters of recommendation in his hand when he flew to Houston last week for his final interview (not that he needed our support.  Joaquin has always been a most persuasive individual.)

Not unexpectedly, he was offered the job!  His F/A Training class has a June 21st start date.  So why aren’t we celebrating?

After much back-and-forth, should-I-or-shouldn’t-I, factual comparisons and the gut check that is a rite of passage for many his age, Joaquin has decided to focus on his career in real estate.  Are Philip and I disappointed?  Yes.  

And no.

There would be no greater honor, no greater validation of the life we’ve built together, than for Philip and me to have the privilege of pinning "our wings" on "our boy."  That moment would be indescribable, really.  But now that we have that rather selfish thought out of the way, we’re so grateful to know that we have instilled in Joaquin the wherewithal to make his own decisions in a logical, rational, methodical fashion; to do what’s right for him.

In a way, his having thought to pursue our way of life is validation enough.  Our way of life created so many opportunities for a young man in need of a break in his life.

One way or the other, we know that our li'l Homey will fly.

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