Sunday, February 19, 2017

So...there was this guy...

last night on our way home from São Paulo, an older gentleman, I'd say late 60s, who stopped me on a post-service cabin pass to inquire about changing seats.  He was 3-4 rows aft of the Economy Plus (E+) section and wanted to move forward into an empty E+ seat to stretch out (only a fraction of our 200 seats was occupied).

I pointed out the E+ labels overhead and said if you move to a row that doesn't have that label, there is no additional charge but we do charge extra for E+ seats.

"You mean you'd rather let that seat go empty than make a paying customer more comfortable?"

"That's not what I mean at all.  There is an entire cabin behind your seatrow that is wide open.  You can move to any of those seats at no charge.  But "my airline-employer" does charge for the extra legroom seats."

"F-ing friendly skies.  Thanks for nothing, "airline-employer name"."

There's a point where I disengage from uncivil behavior.  He had reached that point.

I went to the aft galley to pickup my handheld device and returned maybe 15 minutes later, allowing him the opportunity to mull.

"Hi. Earlier I offered you a solution that you didn't seem to like.  (Showing him the E+ $219 charge screen on my LINK)  I didn't want to leave you with the wrong impression.

My airline-employer expects me collect for onboard services that have a charge.  I'm an employee.  That's one of my responsibilities.  I did attempt to offer you a no-charge alternative.  If you truly just want room to stretch out, we have plenty.  Come with me and I'll show you.  But I can't give away our products that we charge for."

He harumphed but followed me into D zone where we found 6 rows of 2 seats open and 3 rows of 3 seats, both of which would solve his problem.

"You're welcome to take any of these seats with no charge."

Grudgingly he said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome.  May I ask you a question?  When we first spoke, I offered this solution and you made a remark that was unnecessary and vulgar.  So, I walked away.  I'm curious...has that sort of thing ever worked for you in the past?  It certainly took away any incentive I had to help you."

No response other than a grunt.  I wished him a good rest and exited the situation.  Next thing I knew, he was stretched across 3 seats in the last row, snoring.

We didn't have any other interaction and I'm comfortable with that.  I wanted to leave him in his misery after our first exchange.  My bottom line for going back was I only control me, not him.

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