Monday, September 23, 2013


The power we ALWAYS have is to simply withdraw.

More and more as I age, I find that simply withdrawing my energy from an interaction (with ANYONE) that isn't going some place positive is likely my best move.  If I am not contributing to your journey, nor you to mine, then isn't it better that we not travel together?  No "relationship", familial or otherwise, is more valuable than the sanctity or nobility of my journey's purpose.

I don't waste time regretting either!  I can't control the other's motivations or aspirations and I usually can't understand them.  They likely feel the same about me.  So where's the point in continuing the engagement?

As I "move on", I wish PEACE to all:  supporters, detractors, lovers, haters, it doesn't matter.  PEACE is the ultimate gift.  Our maker endows us with the means to find it.

Whether or not we do; that's up to each of us.


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