Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 11th, 2001

Philip and I were sitting at our breakfast table trying a new recipe he'd found for "Sugar Busters" pancakes.  As usual, Matt and Katie were prattling on in the background about something of no particular importance to us.  I distinctly remember how clear and beautiful that September morning in New York seemed.  I thought how nice it would be "out on the Plaza" in weather like that.

Katie's familiar, lilting voice suddenly became strident at about the time that Philip asked if I was going to the gym that morning.  I remember looking up to what seemed a scene from a bad made-for-TV movie.  "A small airplane has crashed into the World Trade Center..."  That was  it!  That was the pinpoint moment that would change our lives.  

"Philip, does it look to you like that building is leaning?"  

We watched the subsequent events of the day in shock and disbelief.  The facts revealed themselves to be so much worse than the initial headline...so much worse.

It changed all our lives fundamentally, that morning did.  There was widespread anxiety and uncertainty as a result.  But then came the truly awful details of just what had transpired.  The anxiety and uncertainty gave way to cold, abject fear.  Like it or not, the perpetrators' true mission was accomplished.

Everyone remembers that day.  Oh, how innocent we were on September 10th.  Oh, how that innocence was lost on that spectacularly beautiful & awful, early fall morning of September 11th.

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