Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Silly Questions

I ran into an "old" friend (actually, a friend of long-standing) and colleague on my way to Tokyo yesterday. You know, the kind of friend who sees you and whose face ILLUMINATES in such a REAL way and who makes a b-line straight for you. After a quick kiss-on-the-cheek and "great to see you" (it always is), you part and continue the day, already in progress.

What just happened? Is it meaningless? Frivolous? Done? How can anything so brief have lasting value?

When I arrived in Tokyo, I plugged in my phone and noticed I had received a text: "You are always the sweetest man. It is always a better day when I run into you..." 

Thank you, my "old" friend, for answering my silly questions!

My life is happier because you are in it.

(NOTE:  I recently read a passage that keeps haunting me, "his smile didn't quite make it to his eyes..."  I'm sorry to say that I know exactly what the author means.  In my opinion, the eyes will always reveal truth:  happiness, sadness, or, worst of all, indifference.

My friend's eyes revealed love, pure and simple.  I hope mine repaid the kindness!)

Happy Halloween!

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