Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Legacy of Humor

It's 0200 in NRT.  Time for the gym!  But before I go...

A certain 48-year F/A who is soon to be retired was reminiscing in the galley yesterday.  She was working A-zone aisle on a 13+ hour IAH/NRT flight where a very driven businessman was having cappuccino after cappuccino.  Preparing cappuccinos requires a trip to the B-zone galley (which is never conveniently vacant) and a time-consuming, labor-intensive process.  So, she made them all doubles.  The more she made, the more he wanted!

At about the 12-hour mark, it was time to offer the pre-arrival meal service.  Our senior friend was offering coffee and tea from the 1st cart and fully expected to make yet another pilgrimage to B-zone to prepare at least one more cappuccino.  When she arrived at the seat in question and asked, "Would you like coffee or tea?", she got a surprise:

"I'll have a decaf."

Before she could stop or filter herself, her jetlagged brain compelled her to reply with the most natural response imaginable...

"Are you shittin' me?"

At such a moment, there's no greater gift than a customer with a sense of humor.  Fortunately, he had one.

We stand on the shoulders, and great stories, of those who came before us!

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