Monday, January 26, 2015

Your number is your number is your number!

"Your number is your number is your number."  How many times have I heard a very senior, now retired, F/A icon and friend say those words?  Our "number" is a critical factor in our Flight Attendant career. 

When "the numbers" were first announced for the Flight Attendant "Early Out" it was surreal!  An unprecedented movement was about to occur at a critical juncture in our airline's history. We would all be affected.  But I don't think we counted on just how affected we would be. 

Wave 1, wave 2...more numbers were announced. The first photos, posts, tributes, and good-byes began to appear.  Suddenly, the numbers had faces, names, personal connections that rendered this movement so profound, both to those going and to those staying.  Why?

Because it's not just numbers that we're talking about. We're talking about our friends. And we love them. And we grieve over the knowledge that we will never share the jumpseat with them again. 

Oh, what a great ride we had, you and I!  We're better for having come this far together. Now, you move on and I "move up".  But I'll never forget you. 

You aren't just a number. You are my dear, dear friend.

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