Wednesday, August 26, 2015


There's no avoiding the sense of loss that so many feel at work these days, it comes in all shapes and sizes. Today in Inflight, we are mourning the ultimate loss, the untimely death of a loved, respected, youthful friend.

Whether it's the loss of a colleague or just the loss of something familiar in the workplace, the loss takes its toll. We have mechanisms for coping, a cycle we humans go through. Those mechanisms can be as unique to the individual as the features of the face.

What's most important is that we treat one another accordingly. Be kind, understanding and accepting. If you haven't felt the loss yet, you will.  Acting in frustration or anger, blaming another person or group do nothing to balm the pain. Often, they just make it worse.

I've felt the repeated loss before. I've felt the joys of winning. Their memory will keep me moving forward to a better day.

I look forward to the day when it's "our turn" again.

Will it be today?

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