Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The DiLeens

Personal note:  I am aware that some folks wonder how I can be so steadfastly positive about our "situation" these days. A friend of over 30 years informed me that that she and others believe that I'm "crazy". I suppose that's fair in light of things we read daily in social media and elsewhere.

But l know the truth.

We come not from good stock but from THE BEST stock. Our mentors and teachers are survivors and thrivers in a notoriously "bloody" industry. We should believe more in ourselves and pass along the gifts we've been given to those who follow us, including the value of positivity. If we commit to that, our future is GOLDEN.

I see myself making daily payments on the best kind of debt. My creditors expect nothing but I owe them everything.

Allow me to make another installment...


Fifty-one years later, our dear friends and colleagues, Diane Young and Eileen Mines (aka "the Di-Leens"), embark on their final trip, today to NRT. Diane and Eileen, I believe, are the most senior sCO EEO participants. What careers!  And they've been together almost every step of the way.

When they and I flew EZE together a few years ago, Diane & Eileen ran circles around those with half their tenure, all the while enjoying the great and releasing the not-so-great.  What mentors and friends to have had on this incredible journey, both to one another and to those of us fortunate enough to have worked with them!

You know what they say about a lady. She always knows when it's time to leave.

Diane, Eileen:  you are loved and will be missed. You two have set the bar high for those of us who follow.

What a friendship.

Godspeed!  Be well and happy!"

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