Monday, November 30, 2015

Paris is always a good idea...

Our boy, Joaquin, traveled with Philip and me to Amsterdam this week, his first time in Europe.  While we had a wonderful time together in Holland, we knew that he wanted to visit friends in Paris, both for the friends and for the city.  As they say, timing is everything and we weren't exactly supportive of the idea.  But Joaquin is 24 now and making his own way in the world.  "Headstrong" is a polite description.

By all accounts, Paris was to Joaquin what it was to me on my first visit as a student at the Sorbonne.  Paris was to Joaquin what it is to so many young, starry-eyed romantics.  In spite of so many perfectly good reasons not to go just now, Paris is transcendent, even in its time of uncertainty and sorrow.

I wanted to share images with you that will undoubtedly be familiar, as seen through the eyes of a particularly headstrong. romantic, starry-eyed, editorial young man who happens to be very dear to me.  I also want to say "thanks" to my airline employer and to my friends and colleagues who made his journey so memorable.

Thank you also for getting him home safely and only 1 MINUTE past scheduled arrival in Los Angeles!  Our company has more than its fair share of detractors.  It also has one very supportive young fan who made it to work early today.  What a life!

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