Wednesday, November 4, 2015

These are the good old days

Flight Attendants:  the 2000+ departures in the F/A Early Out are largely complete, only a few remain until next summer. Our departing friends and colleagues have left a formidable legacy in their wake; we are the fortunate beneficiaries of their experiences.

Now, it's our turn. 

Newly hired Flight Attendants continue to arrive at a breath-taking pace. So many are coming in 2016 that IAH-based F/As are traveling to DENTK for CQ.  We are being watched, scrutinized, emulated, admired, consulted, and REFLECTED, AMPLIFIED by our newest colleagues on the line. It's a daunting responsibility. 

This is where we repay the debts we owe our mentors. It's OUR time to rise to the occasion. 

These are the good old days!

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