Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Timing. It's Everything.

Well, we survived another major news day for our airline family.  What does it all mean?

The answer to that question is as varied as the opinion and background of the person you ask it.  But the evidence is clear:  we have an astoundingly energetic, enthused, tenacious leader at the helm.  By all accounts, Mr. Munoz acquitted himself, not just well, but in spectacular fashion at BOTH of his 2 hour meet-and-greet sessions in IAH yesterday.  Firsthand accounts are still being posted.  I saw video in another venue of a one-on-one that was dauntingly frank, yet also open, candid, friendly and confidence-building.

I say all of this in the context of the day's news.  How difficult his task must have been standing on its own.  When coupled with breaking headlines that two of our institutional investors were making an "end run" on the boardroom at the same time, it must have been overwhelming to our man.  Yet, his poise never wavered.  He answered the call with an appropriately confident and confidence-boosting communication to the people who matter most:  you and me.  Put ALL OF THAT in the context of heart transplant surgery not even 90 days ago and frankly, I don't know of a word that sufficiently characterizes the circumstances.  Amazing?  Remarkable?  Inspiring?  Resilient?

I was not among those in attendance yesterday, though I was there in spirit.  It's no secret that I am a huge fan of this man, as are many of us.  We've wandered around in the darkness long enough.

As much as anyone, I love and embrace my past for what it was and what it has meant in my life.  But the past is done.  Those friendships will endure.  The resolve with which we meet the realities of today will steel us for our future.

The new UNITED has its leader.  The UNITED family has its patriarch.  It seems a really good time for us to release our pasts and move forward, together.

It's time for UNITED to be united, to quote a friend.

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