Monday, April 1, 2013

The Rainbow Bridge

All 250, or so, of us arrive on the airplane bringing our reality, our life experience, our "baggage" with us. No two of us come from exactly the same place, yet we share an amazingly intimate time and space together. ..."Civility" compels us to play nice, to be on our best behavior while circumstances conspire to have us do just the opposite.

No doubt, I was not alone when I arrived on ship 15 yesterday carrying a burden from my personal life; a burden that despite my best attempts, kept asserting itself into my consciousness as I offered drinks and Yakiniku Beef from Houston to Tokyo. When Renee, a long-time friend whom I know to be kind and compassionate, asked about my partner Philip and what was happening in our lives, I shared that we were facing the ominous, momentous decision of euthanizing a beloved pet. I suppose I knew how Renee would respond and that's why I shared the news with her. Fully in-tune with our plight, Renee recounted the simplest, most comforting story imaginable:

When a pet dies, its soul goes to a "rainbow bridge" to wait. It lingers there, at the foot of the bridge looking back for you, its beloved master. When your time comes, you will join him or her at the bridge and cross over together.

We are each on our own path through life. I believe that those paths often cross for a reason. Renee provided what I needed when I needed it yesterday. It is my obligation to acknowledge it and pass it on.

In memory of Seymour, a noble friend and companion...

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